According To His Own Public Statements 1

According To His Own Public Statements

According to his own public statements, Brewer said he transferred to Indianapolis in 2011 from Chicago after leaving a corporate and business job with Sears Holdings Corp.. Hoffman Estates where acquired proved helpful his way up to the positioning of a department vice-president. According to records Advance Indiana extracted from the Board of Voter Registrations (“BVR”), Brewer filed his first voter sign up application listing an extravagance condominium in the Athletic Club, which is located at 350 N. Meridian Street, as his home. In the space provided on the application for “Previous Voter Registration Address,” Brewer still left the area blank, suggesting he had not previously signed up to vote somewhere else in Marion County or his earlier home in Chicago.

The box next to “New Registration” is marked, indicating it was the very first time he signed up to vote in Marion County. The BVR redacted the time Brewer signed and submitted his new voter enrollment application despite circumstances rules making that information a public record. 607 in the Athletic Club on August 19, 2011, which is consistent with Brewer’s open public statements about the time frame where he shifted to Indianapolis.

That is also constant with the exclusive interview Advance Indiana experienced with Brewer’s former general supervisor of his Potbelly restaurant, Sarah Hoyt, who said her former boss lived in a condo downtown on Meridian Street only blocks from the restaurant. 607 in each one of the tax years from 2012 to 2014, indicating that was his primary residence.

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B, Indianapolis, which is situated at a flat organic in Perry Township. Similarly, on Dec. 31 when he filed an updated statement, 2014 to formally open his marketing campaign committee to run in District 23, he showed that same address. A second voter registration form Brewer finished with the BVR, however, mentioned he was changing his address to the 623 Slate Drive, Apt.

B address from another apartment in Perry Township, which he stated as his prior registered voting address, that was outlined as 1452 Dakota Ridge Drives with the apartment quantity missing. Brewer’s program has a check mark listed in the box designated “Address Change.” Once again, the BVR redacted the date Brewer submitted the change of address information in violation of the state’s usage of public records legislation.

The BVR provided no change of address form Brewer submitted changing his voting address from the 350 N. Meridian address to the 1452-Dakota Ridge Drive address, although that information was within the range of my public records request. Why the BVR is constantly on the defy the state’s public record information law after being admonished by the state’s Public Access Counselor to adhere to it is beyond me. The BVR is following the advice of the City’s corporation counsel’s office rather than the advice of the Marion Co. Election’s Board’s counsel, who is well-versed on the state’s election law. The author of the current state law, State Rep.

Kathy Richardson, who also acts as the Hamilton County election’s main, concurs with the general public Access Counselor’s opinion. Incredibly, the organization counsel’s office statements other counties, unlike Marion County, don’t abide by state election laws and regulations. Brewer has not yet filed a declaration of business or declaration of candidacy for his mayoral bid, so that it remains to be observed what registered voting address he lists on those forms. Interestingly, Advance Indiana’s research uncovered an ordinance violation issue filed against Brewer on June 27, 2014 for performing outdoor sales without a permit. A notice of the violation was offered on Brewer at 1452 Dakota Ridge Drive, Apt.

the same apartment complex where Brewer indicated on his change of voter sign up card he had previously been registered to vote before changing it to the 623 Slate Drive, Apt. B address. November 20 A courtroom admittance dated, 2014 indicates an attempt to serve a summons on Brewer at the Dakota Ridge Drive apartment was came back as undeliverable.