And My First Thought Was Purple 1

And My First Thought Was Purple

Last week was my second week back again at the job since having surgery. If you have been questioning why things have been a little quiet on the blog before few weeks, that’s it. I am completely exhausted. Under the best of circumstances I still get exhausted through the work week, so adding these other elements have resulted in utter and complete exhaustion. I barely even wore makeup last week because it was just too much for me. But, week is a little better every and this week felt like I used to be getting back on track. I posted last week in regards to a palette I manufactured from singles in my own collection that duped the Too Faced Just Peachy Matte palette.

I use “dupe” here a little loosely because I made some changes to make the palette more flexible and nearer to what I would have wanted it to be. And I must say, All week and continue being I had been so inspired by this palette. Every day I kept wanting to use it, which really is a little rare for me.

I was also inspired to test somewhat different color strategies that I’m used to (while still seeking to be “work-appropriate”), and I must say that I needed a really fun week. For the exception of lid shades, this week are in this dupe palette all shadows I used.

  • Head Injury
  • Cruelty-free bunny constitute bag
  • The stationary tray that’s mounted on my new desk
  • Try to check out a wholesome diet

Here are four looks I did this week. Mai Tai on the lid, Coastal Scents Peach Petal blended into the crease as a transition to color, and Colourpop Wait For It and Making Moves blended into the crease. Rapunzel Had Extensions (over Pixie Epoxy) on the lid, Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie blended into the crease as a transition shade, Coloupop AWAIT It blended into the crease, and Coloupop Making Moves cushioned onto the external corner lightly. African Violet on the lid, Coastal Scents Peach Petal blended into the crease as a transition shade, Colurpop Making Moves and Stay Golden blended into the crease, and Makeup Geek Bit padded onto the outer corner.

Winter Again on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Coastal Scents Peach Petal blended into the crease as a transition color, Colourpop AWAIT It and Making Moves blended into the crease and Colourpop Stay Golden cushioned onto the outer corner. At this time I have talked about many of these eyeshadows before, and I all love them, which explains why they remain in my collection. So I’ll talk about the entire looks. I think this look turned out fine. I think it’s a fairly look; it’s simple and neutral then one that I believe a lot of people can wear and feel like they’re wearing color.

I’ve become so many compliments when wearing Mai Tai because it gets the beautiful duo chrome that’s hard to capture in an image. This week Looking within my peach palette, Mai Tai was the first shadow I thought to make a look, that I think makes sense. It’s an easy shadow and color scheme.

This was probably my least favorite look this week, but not because I didn’t like it. I liked a few of the other color combinations a little better just. But this look was the “gateway drug” if you will, that made me want to use the peach palette all week. Each and every time I use Rapunzel Had Extensions, Personally I think like I’m cheating simply a little bit.