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Skin Care Chronicle

Seasonal changes in the elements not only have an impact on changes in aspect – seasonal changes have an effect on the mind, body, soul, and the skin we have. When the seasons change, we’ve different dietary needs, we are required to dress in another way and look after the skin we have diversely. So as we transfer to the Winter and Fall, our summer routines no more seem sensible as the body adapts to a new season.

Regular exfoliation of your skin may be beneficial throughout the year – it helps cell regeneration by removing dry, dead body skin cells from your body. Without regular exfoliation, your skin takes on a dull, lifeless feel and look. Since the cooler months of the Fall and Winter are drier and less humid, our skin tends to dry quicker.

If dermis is not properly exfoliated during this time, the skin can become red, dry, rough, and irritated. Properly exfoliated skin is more capable of absorbing essential moisturizers, serums, and other nourishing extracts within skincare products. Within the cooler months, the skin we have needs more of the moisturizing and nourishing products to keep it healthy.

If the skin is not exfoliated, none of these beneficial lotions and creams, serums and treatments can permeate your skin – they simply rest on top of the skin where they certainly little or no good. There are several ways to exfoliate the body and keep dead pores and skin cells from accumulating on your skin.

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Dry brushing the body is one method of exfoliating your body. This method of exfoliating opens up the pores on your skin layer effectively. As the technique implies, your skin layer should be dry – the best time for dry brushing is in the shower before you turn on the water. Brush to the center Always, making long sweeps (not backwards and forwards, scrubbing or round movements).

Start for the feet, upgrading the feet on both comparative factors, work from the forearms toward your chest then. On your own stomach, direct the brush counterclockwise. And, don’t clean too much: Skin should be activated and invigorated however, not irritated or red. Body scrubs made from sea salt, Epsom salt, glucose, and other natural exfoliants are other effective ways to dissolve and exfoliate useless skin cells, going out of the skin invigorated, buffed, and polished.