Reflections, Sassy Nails, And Silly Diversions! 1

Reflections, Sassy Nails, And Silly Diversions!

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What do our prophet PBUH say? 6. “The first bloodstream money which I obliterate is the bloodstream money from my very own family, the kid of Rabiah ibn al-Harith ibn Abdul Muttalib”. Note al-Harith is the uncle of the prophet PBUH, Rabiah is his cousin. Breif story: one of the sons of Rabiah was killed in a battle between two tribes, the Banu Sa’ad and the Hudhayl.

And he was being elevated by the Banu Sa’ad (like the prophet PBUH). This youngster however was captured in the fight and killed by the tribe of Hudhayl. So the Quraysh had a long feud against the Hudhayl as a result of this: they wanted bloodstream money (100 camels) which hadn’t been paid, plus they were willing to visit war. So this is something owed to the Quraysh, what does the prophet PBUH say?

He has been the role model here. 7. “Verily, the riba (interest) is under my foot. As well as the first I abolish is that of my uncle, al Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib”. Abbas was a rich man, and he was popular for giving plenty of loans on rise. And when Islam came riba was prohibited but this was old news, so he was credited lots of interest. Therefore the prophet PBUH said “the first money obliterated is the money of my uncle” meaning Abbas is repaid what he loaned out, not a cent more.

SubhanAllah this has been the first choice by example. His family shall benefit from the bloodstream money and ribs, but no more. The prophet PBUH himself is showing the public people he is seriously interested in this. 8. “And dread Allah regarding women and their privileges. For you personally have taken them with the protection of Allah and made them permissable with the real name of Allah”.

So, in a society where women got no right whatsoever, and this is something so important. There was no reason for Islam to come and discuss women; there is no reason for our prophet PBUH to mention ladies in the farewell pilgrimage on the day of Arafat in the most crucial khutbah he ever gave. Yet he did. He has a paragraph about women.

Because no ummah can flourish if its women are mistreated. No ummah can rise if its women are not treated with respect and dignity. So he is saying, Allah has given us the women; the ninth contract happens in the name of Allah, so they may be with us under Allahs safety. 9. “And their right upon you is that they don’t allow anyone to step on your bed, or that you would hate”.

Meaning the ladies have to be faithful and loyal to their husband. 10. “And if they do something (disobey you), the right is experienced by you to discipline them in a fashion that is not painful”. No doubt this phrase might be problematic in our time, this is a seperate target. The fact of the matter is that, in this society when it was the norm that men would beat their wives with no question.

This was the standard rule. What did the prophet PBUH say? If they do something of a significant consequence, they you can discipline Without the pain’. Now, whether it should be done in our time is a separate conversation. In our times any type of self-discipline will break a marriage rather than save it, so we have to be careful.