In November WNMTC’s Production Of Beauty And The Beast Coming 1

In November WNMTC’s Production Of Beauty And The Beast Coming

Disney released a live-action film of Beauty and the Beast previously this year, combining live personas with animated enchanted objects. Each one of these Disney productions is dependant on the classic French fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, which tells of a cold-hearted prince who’s magically changed into a hideous beast because of his cruelty.

The spell can only be broken if he learns to love another and earns their love in exchange. Producer-director Stephanie Arrigotti and associate director-choreographer Gina Kaskie-Davis have mounted three Disney mega-musicals within the last three Novembers: Mary Poppins, THE TINY Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast now. “Let there be without doubt: Nothing about Disney is simple,” Arrigotti said.

“Designing effective and creative costumes and sets for these productions are extraordinarily difficult. As well as the production figures in these shows are a few of the most difficult – and the most exciting – that you’ll find on Broadway, requiring trained dancers and creative choreography highly. Arrigotti hires more than 20 professional seamstresses, set artists, set builders, vocal and instrumental directors, technicians and musicians to create these productions. Their company recently celebrated their 100th show, attracting audiences from 20 states. “Personally, I favor the staged version of Beauty and the Beast to the recent live-action movie,” Arrigotti said. “Rather than animated figures, I love having real people within the enchanted objects.

The audience relates to them more and gets more deeply mixed up in the story. And the real number Is Our Visitor, performed by the enchanted items, is actually one of the most fascinating production figures I’ve ever seen on Broadway. Remember that tickets are selling for the production quickly. Sales are currently 27 percent higher than sales as of this date than for the last two Disney shows. Poppins eventually drew 6,550 people. To accommodate the crowds, yet another matinee has been scheduled, but Arrigotti advises buying seat tickets early as multiple performances will sell out highly. Evening performances are on Nov. 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m.

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