HOW EXACTLY TO Remove A Page From Facebook Business Manager 1

HOW EXACTLY TO Remove A Page From Facebook Business Manager

You made a decision to give Facebook Business Manager a try however now you regret it? Want to remove your Facebook page or change the principal one? Yes… Facebook Business Manager is not for everyone – it’s suited more for bigger agencies who control many employees, pages, and ad accounts, but might be unnecessary and too complicated for a little business.

If you find yourself confused and want to return to the old way of handling your Facebook page, you will need to remove it from your Business Manager accounts. In this specific article I’ll demonstrate exactly how you can certainly do that in a matter of seconds. If you chose your primary page, you must have pointed out that you can much longer administrate it in the standard way no.

For one, after you attached a full page to Business Manager, you can longer access it from the main Facebook mobile application no. The only path to gain access to it is through the dedicated Pages Manager App. Second, on desktop computers even, you have to take an additional step to manage the page. If you go to the page by typing its URL, you won’t start to see the administrator’s panel. If that’s something you don’t like, here’s how to remove your web page from Facebook Business Manager and get things back again to normal.

First, go to Facebook Business Manager. Log in and choose your account. NOTE: If you can’t see these options in the sidebar, it’s probably because you don’t have the full administrator’s rights. In this case, ask the person who created the Business Manager account to visit the Settings: People, and change your permissions from a worker to an Admin.

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Next, hover over “Business Settings” and click “Pages” to access a summary of all pages that are put into the account. Confirm your choice by clicking on “Remove” again. From that moment you won’t have the ability to access your page through the Business Manager, but you will have the ability to administrate it normally on Facebook still.

However, this option is probably not available if you have just one single Facebook web page attached. If you can’t remove the page, you’ll have to change the principal Page first. Before you can change the Primary Page, you need to have at least two Facebook pages added to your Business Manager account. If you have just one, create a new dummy web page by going to the Pages settings and simply clicking “Add New Page” in the top right part.