Genetic, Nanotech And Robotic 1

Genetic, Nanotech And Robotic

There is an abundance of technical dangers and/or opportunities that mankind has before him. Whether or not there can be an ethical basis upon which we may effectively utilize these technologies is something that worries many serious students of our types. The head of the Club of Rome says we do not have terminologies for common ideas or words that cross ethnic and social borders.

We can wirehead the public, and make them all quite happy but we appear more thinking about providing them with pharmacological lobotomies according to Breggins and Cohen. We could do the actual movie The Day The Earth Stood Still demonstrated alien species got finished with the robots to enforce tranquility. We’re able to ensure free access to gene therapy and prolong the life of most people till they can live to be as old as nine hundred years without parts replacement. According for some research workers this goal will be achieved by the entire year 2070 but it would necessitate changes in reproductive rights unless we are to produce a concerted effort to begin colonizing space soon.

The decisions bring many downsides as well as upsides but the discussions don’t seem to be occurring, and we continue to teach people for dangerous or soon to be outmoded careers. This informative article cannot address all the facts or factors but we should start the procedure. He quoted experts in many fields of endeavor and I agreed with him that the dumping of human memory into sentient robots won’t air the soul as people like Gary Hillis think. His sometimes debating partner Ray Kurzweil will go further (2) and speaks of even faster acceleration of technology.

Not long after Joys article strikes the stands we’d NEC labs in Princeton, N. J. reveal they assessed 300X light rate in a cesium chamber. Then arrived the US Army allowing out faster than light information transfer contracts through Mr. Everitt in Durham, N. C. by November of this season. The European attempt to reach Mars includes Ion Propulsion which can accelerate infinitely past the speed of light. Quantum Teleporting was a cover story in Scientific American around the same time and yet the uninformed so-called ‘experts often refuse many possibilities that relate thereto.

I personally believe that a combination of Virtual Reality technology, Nanotechnology, and Holography will allow a kind of time travel for complicated systems despite what Hawking said. Hawking said they know time travel exists in small particles. There are many exciting potentials just around the corner in many diverse areas that Joy and Kurzweil aren’t even expert in.

Neurotechnology and implants or prosthetics heads the list of my personal concerns. WHILE I was a dynamic participant on a Neuroscience forum recently I discovered these folks have no moral notion of the implications of their work. Transhumanism (4) and Bostrom’s association that are relatively new already is fraught with fraud charges by other directors. Many of these people actually think it could serve the universe best if robots replace humans entirely. I can’t argue the logic against that perspective while I take a look at power-mongering and mud-slinging in the bureaucracies called democratic in media owned by Synarchists.

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But I implore visitors to wake up before it is too late. We must participate and demand the systems and the near-future use of these are done for the Greater Good of most life on the planet. I found myself agreeing with George the Second of America when he drew from the Kyoto Accord. This elevated the eyebrows greater than some individuals I understand. Prescott Bush was called in court proceedings in reference to trading with the foe and the funding of Hitler and he brought us Richard Nixon.

His paladin status with the Rockefeller realtors of the Rothschild or Merovingian complex is a nest of CIA or OSS participation with the founding of The Bilderbergs and many other advantageous research excursions. The Hegelian Dialectic or ‘playing both ends against the middle is not new but it is important.

Eisenhowers address on the military-industrial complex is a crucial read. The BEES or Benjaminite Rothschilds have been orchestrating “NEW WORLD” Order throughout background supposedly. I demonstrate they are the De Medicis and Stuarts or Bruttii in more ways that their sponsorship of the translation of the Corpus Hermeticum into a book named after their family called De Brix.