Physical And Motor Fitness Are Both Related To Cognition In Old Age 1

Physical And Motor Fitness Are Both Related To Cognition In Old Age

The benefits of fitness for cognitive performance in healthy older adults have repeatedly been demonstrated. Animal studies, however, have exposed differential romantic relationships between physical and motor fitness and brain metabolism. We therefore investigated whether for older humans different dimensions of fitness are differentially associated with cognitive performance and brain activation patterns.

3.66; 52 females) completed four psychometric lab tests reflecting two primary abilities of higher cognitive working (professional control, perceptual quickness) and a battery pack of fitness testing comprising two fitness sizes (physical and motor fitness). We discovered that not only physical fitness indexed by cardiovascular fitness and muscular power, but also engine fitness including motion swiftness, balance, motor flexibility and coordination showed a strong association with cognitive functioning. Additionally, functional brain imaging data revealed that physical and motor fitness were differentially related to cognitive processes. Email address details are discussed in regards to to the settlement hypothesis and potential implications for involvement work.

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