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The picture painted here is based on official documents published by several federal government organizations and non-government organizations during the last decade. These documents were reported in the news headlines seldom, and average working people do not know what lasting development means really, and even less knowledge of what is in store for future years. If the vision of sustainable development is constantly on the unfold as it offers in the last decade, life in the United States will be different in the foreseeable future quite.

Half the land section of the entire country will be designated “wilderness areas,” where only wildlife experts and managers will be allowed. These areas will be interconnected by “corridors of wilderness” to permit migration of wildlife, without interference by human activity. Wolves will be as abundant in Pa and Virginia, as they are now in Idaho and Montana.

Panthers and alligators will roam freely from the Everglades to the Okefenokee and beyond. Encircling these wilderness corridors and areas, designated “buffer areas” will be maintained for “conservation goals.” The principal goal is “restoration and treatment.” Rehabilitation involves the repair of damaged ecosystems, while restoration usually involves the reconstruction of natural or semi-natural ecosystems.

As areas are restored and rehabilitated, these are added to the wilderness designation, and the buffer zone outward is extended. Open space, to give a “viewshed” and sustainable recreation for community residents will abut the urban boundaries. Beyond the viewshed, lasting agricultural activities will be allowed, to support the meals requirements of nearby communities. Sustainable areas of the future will keep little resemblance to the towns and metropolitan areas of the 20th hundred years. Single-family homes will be uncommon.

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Housing will be provided by general public/private partnerships, funded by the federal government, and maintained by non-government “Home Owners Associations.” Housing units will be designed to provide the majority of the infrastructure and amenities required by the residents. Office and Shops space will be an integral part of each unit, and housing will be allocated on a priority basis to people who work in the unit – with quotas to accomplish ethnic and financial balance. Schools, daycare, and entertainment facilities will be provided. Each unit will be designed for foot and bicycle traffic, to reduce, if not eliminate, the necessity for people to use cars.

Transportation between sustainable areas, for people as well as for commodities, will be by light rail systems primarily, designed to bridge wilderness corridors where necessary. The highways that remain will be super transport corridors, like the “Trans-Texas Corridor” now being designed, that may reach from Mexico to Canada eventually. These transport corridors will be made to bridge wilderness corridors also, and to minimize the effect on the surroundings.

Government, too, changes in a lasting America. Human activity is being reorganized around ecoregions, which do not respect condition or county limitations. Therefore, the governing apparatus shall be designed to regulate the activities within the whole region, rather than having multiple governing jurisdictions with services duplicated in each political subdivision.