If You Are Not Familiar With HTML

If you want to add the slider right above the web page content, find the div of your main web page wrapper in the document, add the slider PHP code above it then. Some WordPress themes name the id of the primary page wrapper as main, some themes name it as content.

So the div may appear to be or . There is no rule about how to mention it, it depends on your WordPress theme totally. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, it might not be easy that you can find the main page wrapper in the file. You could move the code around and see how it looks in the ultimate page. Nested PHP open and close tags will break the PHP. WordPress and may not be able to access the WordPress dashboard again. When you have made a WordPress backup, you could bring back it. FTP it and your WordPress will be restored back.

In any event, we just need to visit an oft-repeated description for insanity to really understand who’s experienced charge of the world for each one of these years. Sounds quite familiar to us, as it appears very familiar throughout this new millennium, we look everywhere. These three lists are by no means exhaustive, but each is illustrative of the amount of crazy mischief TPTW can make in a fairly short period of time. This conduct, however, is precisely what we’re talking about whenever we say insanity does a similar thing again and again and once more. When will these controller types ever get with a new program? Not inside our lifetime Perhaps, they’ve experienced power for such a long time.

We suppose that you now more fully comprehend the idea of End-Time Madness. While it does come in many sizes and shapes, TPTW usually show virtually identical symptoms which may be observed in their handiwork as listed above. Hopefully most of us agree that the behavior delineated above qualifies as full blown madness, clear cut downright and insanity craziness, whichever you prefer.

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II.The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals. Environmental radioactivity and electro-pollution pervade the global habitat. This status quo is in conjunction with an epidemic of genetic mutation, as well as inbreeding among the ruling class. “When the gods wish to demolish a wicked tyrant, they encourage the madness in him to reduce himself. Drugs are among their armaments.

With an ever-increasing exposure to myriad manmade chemicals, especially through the ingestion of countless pharmaceutical medications and artificial food additives, we visit a derangement of brain, soul and body which threatens the whole civilization. Recreational drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, LSD, amphetamine, as well as the countless new synthetic versions, have become a permanent fixture inside our society. All taken collectively, their aggregate use puts the entire order at great risk. The unbridled proliferation and use of chemicals throughout the whole civilization has likewise put the health and life of the global human population in great danger. The human body was simply not made to process and detoxify such a steady onslaught of chemical assaults.

As these chemicals and substances, contaminants and pollutants, poisons and toxins start to bio-accumululate over generations, the gene pool becomes degraded, as the grade of life precipitously declines. Eventually, the folks (especially the leaders) become so inundated with chemical exposures that their ability to respond to life and its own challenges becomes short-circuited.