Sanye's Investment Portfolio 1

Sanye’s Investment Portfolio

December is a relatively tranquil month in the equity market. US Fed finally made the first step to hike the interest rate to 0.25%, closing the long period of cheap money officially. The hike was not excessive and the market took it as a confirmation of US economics recovery. Global currency markets rallied the very next day following the Fed’s announcement.

STI rose reasonably in peaceful trading periods, as there lacks positive news from the organization world. Today At 5:10pm, STI stood at 2,882.73, up 26.79 points, or 0.94% from last month. My profile moved ahead of the index somewhat, its value increased 1.17% this month. HTL and Ascendas H-Trust were among the best performers this month, after information of acquisition surfaced. This month, I bought shares from KSH, Tai Sin, and Lee Metal.

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  • Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program
  • 24 -0.98% 9.22% 1.36% 7.86%
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I also received Mapletree Ind Tr and Cambridge Ind Tr shares through scrip dividend system. 15,138.00. I also received some reward shares from KSH. 11,335.00. Below are the very best 30 holdings as at 5:10pm on 30 December. You will find 5 new entries (weighed against last month) in underneath half of the table. Share prices HTL and Ascendas-h Trust surged after news of the acquisition was announced. They shall disappear from the list in the forseeable future.

KSH and Tai Sin entered the list credited to new purchase and reward share issue, this month while SIA share price increased over the money. All together, 2015 is not a good year for equity investment. STI started well this season and was above 3, in April 400. Then came a slew of bad news and it stood at 2 now,882.73, 482 points down, or 14.34% from December last year.

My share profile took a conquering this year as well. 33,644. Even if I take the dividend received into consideration, there is still a world-wide web lost around 4%. The only consolation is, the lost is smaller than the index. This again shows one advantage of dividend investment. With a time of market volatility, dividend income can be used to reinvest into the market and hence cushioned the effect of volatility.

UT-profile value has fallen about 10% for the entire year, or 4% when dividend income is taken into consideration. The dividend income from both shares and UT investment was higher this season, as I continued to purchase dividend-yielding stocks and shares, UT and retail bonds. 151,364.00, that was above the target set a year ago.

This was with the aid of some special dividend pursuing merger of City Springs and Keppel Inf Tr, and the come back of capital from MIIF after the fund closure. In the coming year, some of the dividend yielding counters will go away from my profile. 150,000.00 The chart shows the regular dividend.