The List Of The MOST EFFECTIVE Bronze Age Comic Books

So what are the most valuable books of the Bronze Age of comics? 1 A self published comic compiled by Canadian designer Dave Sim, early issues were a parody of the Sword and Sorcery genre. A very difficult to acquire and expensive comic book. Trying to find a good duplicate of the presssing issue is similar to trying to find a needle in a haystack, not sure how many were originally produced and how many have survived in good condition but it cannot be many.

92 This comic reserve features the debut appearance of Swamp Thing, not too difficult to obtain at a conservative price in average condition, cover is by Bernie Wrightson one of the most respected performers within the horror genre. 150,000 in March 2011! 6 6 : DC 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR ROMANCE ISSUE. Also called DC-5 this publication had an extremely small print as being a romance concern DC didn’t be prepared to sell this in great figures, classed by many as the rarest of the Bronze Age comics.

14. A comic book series that was never particularly popular although number 1 1 is quite collectable and this issue 14 introduces us to a rather nasty good article, Sabretooth. Sabretooth would continue to become a major player in the Marvel Universe as an foe of the X-Men and the chief nemesis of Wolverine.

94 Marks the very first time the new X-Men come in the long term series. 1 but nonetheless can reach some formidable prices. 1 35 CENT VARIANT COPY. The SET OF The MOST EFFECTIVE / Important MODERN DAY Comics- 1980s Onwards. Modern comics from 1980 onwards. Surprisingly Modern Age comic books could be very valuable. Comic Book CollectingSilver Age Comics As Long Term Comic Investments? More About Comic Investing!

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