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I am a specialist Makeup Artist with clientele all over St. Louis and the Metro East area. I’m most widely known for my focus on detail and empowering women with the gift of confidence. My motivation and ambition to help ALL women feel amazing in their own skin has provided me with business opportunities which have fulfilled a fantasy I’ve acquired for a long time.

And now, Two-Book-to-Movie Adaptations That I Still Need to Watch. These are two adaptations of books that I love quite definitely but just haven’t got round to watching yet. 1. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). I can’t believe I haven’t seen this film yet! It’s not only one of my dad’s favorite films, the book by Harper Lee is one of my favorite books and I’ve read it multiple times. 2. David Copperfield (2000). David Copperfield is most likely my preferred Dickens book (well, it’s either that or AN ACCOUNT of Two Cities) but until I just hadn’t even seen a version of it. Then I noticed the 1999 BBC version.

Even though that version was pretty accurate to the publication and had a truly superb Dame Maggie Smith as Betsey Trotwood, I still found it unsatisfactory. I came across it pretty dull and, truthfully, Ciaran McMenamin was a block of timber as adult David. This version looks more appealing though I think – I love Hugh Dancy! I’m planning to watch it once I get round to re-reading the reserve. And that is my list for this week! So, what are the adaptations that you’re getting excited about? Is there still adaptations that you would like to see but just haven’t got round to yet? Does my list have any part of normal with yours?

How long this can last is unpredictable. Some people only have a few weeks or weeks of benefit. Others may have years or even life-long benefit in a way that they don’t require further treatment, although may have some mild ongoing symptoms still. If one injection provides only short-term benefit then it may well be repeated. Patients ask how many injections can be given often. There is no set rule concerning this.

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Typically, however, a second injection will work just a little less well than the first (although this isn’t inevitable). With the right time three injections have been given, if this has ended a shortish period, i.e. less than 1 year, then it is unlikely further injections will achieve success and most surgeons would recommend an alternative approach.

There are dangers. The biggest risk is of failing. There are risks of some pain for a few days, although that is minimized by taking pain-killers usually, starting as the area is numb from the local anesthetic still. In theory there is a threat of infection, but this seems very rare and has not occurred inside our Practice in over 10 years.

The other main risk is some thinning of your skin. This can present with some pallor and a little less bulk at the site and occasionally an elevated propensity to bleeding if the region is knocked. This isn’t normal with this shot but is normal with some other injections.

If it does occur then that is clearly a relative contra-indication to help expand injections, i.e. the patient’s surgeon would probably determine not to go ahead with further injections because of the potential risks of further local harm. If these interventions fail then surgery may well be required depending upon the patient’s symptoms. Generally whilst pain persists efforts to really improve movement will have limited success then.

Movement: It used to be thought that with attempts to regain motion the patient needed to suffer a little: “no pain no gain”. That is probably counter effective generally. Rather, the key is long slow gentle stretches. Ideally these should be performed for 5 mins in each direction (feeling the stretch but without pain) once an hour. A day In practical terms most people mange 5-6 times. Stretches can be helped by splints specifically for wearing during the night where there is an opportunity for prolonged gentle stretching.