The Santee Alley 1

The Santee Alley

What will be the Santee Alley hours? Santee Alley stores are possessed and operated separately, this means each store owner sets their own business hours. In general most stores start starting around 9:30 a.m. All stores are typically open up by 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Some stores will close as early as 5 or 5:30 p.m. Is Santee Alley opened on vacations/weekends?

Yes, the alley is open up seven days a week including ALL holidays. Is Santee Alley the same thing as the LA Fashion District? The Santee Alley is made up of 2 blocks located within the Fashion District and makes up the retail primary of the area. The LA Fashion District is a 100-block district catering to the Los Angeles fashion industry including low cost, textiles, and plants. Is Santee Alley opened when it rains?

The Santee Alley is open up rain or glimmer. Is Santee Alley outdoors? The Santee Alley can be an actual alley located between Maple Santee and Avenue Road. While the stores themselves outdoors aren’t, the alley itself is open-air. MAY I rent a child stroller, wheelchair, or shopping cart software while visiting Santee Alley? No, the alley will not provide rental services of any kind.

It should be stylish, something that people won’t mind taking a look at 4 to 5 times a day. When you can number the cards this will cut down on a few issues later on, but realistically, it shall end up being more expensive and will be unnecessary ultimately. Also, have an area for them to sign or print their name. Viewers-business owners, whether it’s an offer breaker or not, will ask if the credit cards are numbered, or when there is any way of making sure an account card is not being handed around.

A signature cuts down on this and gives business owners peace of mind. Plastic material cards will approx run you. Booklets will cost approx. Both of these can be bought at a number of online stores. Do plenty of studying. You would be surprised what feels like much, until you’re kicking yourself for paying more than you had to.

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This is so important. A website is needed by you. People expect it. Without a website you might as well be working from the garage. And you are maybe, but there is no good reason for individuals to know that. A website can be built-in such a means that YOU look like a TEAM of fancy business people.

This is very important to both customers and the businesses that you signify. The web site should be clean and SEO. It will offer listings of all of your businesses. Chances are that your visitors will not have their booklet with them always. Likewise, they will not be on the internet always. The booklet and website will work together. Dixie Rewards is a business started by Dan Bringhurst. The Dixie Rewards Card was started following the guidelines written above, and the web site, while only an integral part of our business is an essential tool without which we’d not maintain business.