Change Is Continuous 1

Change Is Continuous

Becoming in tranquility with the vibrations of the planet earth and its constant changes has challenged humans since time started. Learning how to adjust to these visible changes and survive are what we should be addressing in this articles. Early into the 21st hundred years we find new phrases and buzzwords are surfacing. There is an abundance of speculation, using these expressed words, in regards to what changes this new millennium shall bring.

Some of the questions I am asked are; “Is the Pope the antichrist or could it be President OBama? ” “Could the antichrist is some Mideast dictator? ” Others have called seeking me to inform them where so when the countless earth changes shall happen. A few of these questions include; “Will Arizona fall into the ocean with California?

  • Hazard and vulnerability recognition
  • Wasted/lost time having trained the (now gone) employee
  • Helps control the business and its own allocation of resources/money
  • You don’t use websites
  • The Hospitality and Tourism Customer Experience
  • Post package fliers – depending on your product or service, you
  • Traffic, ease of access, parking, and lighting

” “Is Arkansas a safe place? ”: “Will the great lakes really flow into Illinois placing Chicago underwater? ”: “If I buy land on the east aspect of Albuquerque am I going to own ocean front property? ” Some of it may seem I am joking or creating these questions. I am not.I, also, want to inform you that these questions aren’t via doped up metaphysical gurus. Mainstream men and women who are teaching your children, managing your businesses, investing your cash, fighting your criminals, or doing surgery on your body are asking these questions.

Fear of the unfamiliar finds a home in no particular job.I am not putting down anyone for asking questions for interest is a forerunner to learning and learning is a forerunner to knowledge, which is the lack of ignorance. These inquisitive people are the seekers of truth. They are the ones who are voicing their fears. They will be the souls who are facing their demons.

Only when they face they will they have the ability to dispel of them. Only recently, when the Pope visited near where I live, do I realize how volatile a society filled with fear is. The Pope emphasized “Thou shalt not destroy” relating it to abortion and capital punishment. His words influenced many “pro-lifers” to assault abortion treatment centers and eliminate the doctors carrying out abortions in the name of God.

Does this not seem a little oxymoron? In his conversation with the Pope pleaded along with his parishioners to do away with capital consequence also. The governor of the state of Missouri commuted the death sentence of the prisoner promptly to be executed soon, to a life sentence. We are not. He has a right to give his views of right and wrong like anyone who lives in a place where free appearance is honored.

We are just using these recent occasions to demonstrate that fear is a robust force. ”Fear is one of the heaviest or slowest vibrations. When we, humans, are filled with dread or operate from its vibration, we are such as a 110amp appliance connected to a 220amp wall socket (the planet earth). It is no question we sometimes blow a few circuits.

It is time to improve your vibrations to 220amps. Discard these anxieties (heavy energy) and you will raise your vibrations. Your anti-Christ is the hate, bigotry. In the same way Personally I think the only “Second Coming of Christ” is finding and strengthening the Christ within, your God-self, not someone with sandals and long locks.