Speaking Of World Music 1

Speaking Of World Music

Today we have a good psychedelic dub blend up for download. This blend begins with a even dub from becoming more popular American manufacturer “Soulacybin” with the monitor “Bolzar” from his release “Self-Existing Earth”, one of the many excellent free produces to be found at PsyderWeb netlabel site. Soulacybin’s music is a perfect mix of traditional dub using live guitars and synths combined with more modern sounding ambient soundscapes.

In this monitor the bassline noises similar to “THE AUTHORITIES” track “The bed’s too large without you”. Following on then we’ve the track “Spatchulah” from the rather excellent new CD “Power Salad” by Australian structured duo Sunmonx. Next up is experienced psydub producer “Kuba” with a Melody from his latest release “Random Precision” on Chillcode Music.

Kuba has strongly established himself as one of the world’s best psychedelic ambient and dub music suppliers since his debut in 2001 in the group Gray Beard where he released the phenomenal track Aushandi on Youth’s LSD information. A to and touring celebrations and night clubs Between 2006 and 2009 he was very productive – releasing a recording. The most recent album was just a little longer to get into being.

Given the high quality of the 13 songs involved you will not hear any problems from me. This is a total corker of the album that combines dub, world music, techno, and more. You will find no throw-away music or fillers here. Talking about world music, another tune originates from dub and world music producers “Celt Islam”.

Celt Islam is most beneficial known for his work in the Sufi-Dub genre. Sufi-Dub was shaped a few years back and championed, much solo pretty, by Celt Islam. To the best of my best knowledge it is dub music with a middle eastern feel simply. It hasn’t really removed like other dub forms but C.I continues to plug away in this musical niche market. That’s not a bad thing, as his music is certainly top-shelf and just why dilute it with copy cats anyway?

This track originates from his 2012 release “Baghdad”, a truly wonderful musical journey that I highly recommend to traditional dub music followers and anyone who wants a bit of world music tastes in their dub. D.EOLOGY since 2005 around. His latest release, the “Blow Dubs EP” is a good little 5-track EP with some funk, jazz, and salsa inspired dumbness that would appeal to an easy selection of listeners.

While that may not appeal to pure dub music enthusiasts, let’s remember it’s free so why not give it an ear and find out what you think. Visit the iD.EOLOGY website for more info. One of the better albums to be released in the psychedelic dub genre of recent times would have to be the remix task that “Desert Dwellers” recently released on “White Swan Records”. The project sees many of the leading psychedelic music producers supply the DD sound a refreshing makeover.

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It has proven to be incredibly successful in the graphs and online retailers. Everyone involved deserves all the praise they get as it really is a remarkable album. Another tune indeed is very cool. Sub Freq records. I selected this up through iTunes from a 3-track EP I believe.

This tune has a nice warm feel to it – it seems to occupy a great deal of sound space. Would love to hear a complete release from Mr. Lager someday. Globular provides a slice of deeply psychedelic dubbed out trippiness with the next monitor “Subversion” from his fantastically phantasmagorical new recording “A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”.

This CD is a real step up from his previous work in conditions of production quality. An extremely satisfying release that gets better with each listen. Pickup your free copy over at the Ektoplazm website now. One for fans of Shpongle, Androcell, and Ott. Even though you are looking into Globular why not also take a look at “Up The Duff”, a massive 27-track free release also offered by Ektoplazm.