Using Different Names For Index Files 1

Using Different Names For Index Files

This web page is showing a common answer. An “index web page” is the net page that shows up when someone visits the top degree of your website (or a website directory within the site) without specifying a specific file name. Both addresses screen the file called “index.html”. The others of this web page shows what the default file titles are on our servers and explains how to use a different list if you want.

If the very best degree of your website contains a document with some of those titles, that file will be shown when guests don’t designate a document name. You should pick one of these true names and use it consistently; it might be very confusing to have files named both “index.html” and “index.htm” on your site, for example. We sometimes obtain questions from customers who reveal something like “I’ve changed my index.htm document and published it, but my site isn’t changing”. The problem is that the customer previously positioned a file named index.html on the server (in addition to the file named index.htm).

In that situation, the server never even uses the index.htm file, since it finds the index.html file first. The way to avoid this is to be sure you use the same file name always. If you wish to use an index file name other than the ones above, it’s possible for advanced users to improve the default names our servers use.

You can do that by utilizing a.htaccess file. On this example, the server will try to use a file called “splashpage.html” as the index document. If that document doesn’t exist, it’ll it’ll look for “splash.php”, then “index.html”, then “index.htm” (if it operates out of file names to look for, it displays a 404 error page instead).

They may also interview a specialist in groups from your home with a conference call. Video lesson with conferencing – You could utilize the conference call to video cast your lessons to several distance learners. Video twitter – using the give food to feature you could create a type or kind of video Twitter, with your students video micro-blogging about learning English, their day at school, or any topic they find interesting.

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Text and video message – Using the video-email feature, you could record a video of yourself reading a text, add the text within the email message then. You could include some errors in the written text and encourage them to watch the video and correct the errors. Tip of the day, the day – Send you students a tip or term of your day by video email phrase of. These could be exam tips, study tips, recommended websites, or words and definitions. Video dictation – Send video email of yourself dictating a text and have your students to watch and write the text in the email and send it back for correction.

So, why use video conferencing with your EFL / ELT students? It’ a great true to life IT skill as these kinds of tools will become a normal part of our day to day work and pleasure day to day routine. IT adds an element of personalisation to your lessons and materials and makes it easier to build-up rapport, especially with distance students.

It can help you to get some one-to-one time with your students. You can utilize it to create some nice personalized materials really. Students can utilize it (with caution) to find people with similar interests to speak to or even to do learning / language exchanges. As ever be sure your students are aware of how to safeguard their privacy and they don’t reveal any personal information or contact details with people they don’t know.

Try to keep any video text messages you make quite brief or they’ll become slow / bandwidth heavy to watch. This is probably a tool that will be more useful to broadband users. Students are going to need a webcam and a microphone of course. Though inappropriate use can be reported Even, someone must see it to report it, so if that will be one of your students, make sure they learn how to report whatever disturbs them.

You need to be careful with any tool that allows mass communication, even if it’s only email, but even though I believe that tomboy is a fantastic product and the one that can really improve your teaching as well as your students’ learning. I believe they have come up with a fantastic product that could become a market leader in the field of online video communications. Appearance is important, so look out for bad hair times, hangovers ad make sure you wear something nice and try to find an available room with some good natural light. Hope you and your students appreciate it.