Attitude Plus Goals Equals Success 1

Attitude Plus Goals Equals Success

My mother read if you ask me as a kid and one of my favorite books was THE TINY Engine That Could. You might be wondering why or how an investment blog could compare trading to a children’s publication. In Science and Engineering we are taught about Ockham’s Razor. It can be used generally of thumb for developing theoretical models.

Expectations – In the publication, the expectation was had by the Little Blue Engine of pulling a huge load of toys up and over a mountain. When setting your expectations for investing, don’t be afraid to dream big. Once you set your objectives, sit back, and begin by mapping out a plan to achieving your expectations, list any books, training, or blogs that can help you meet your expectations. Attitude – In the book, the Little Blue Engine was the only engine that had a good attitude.

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Do you know anyone that says that they will never be wealthy? Have you any idea anyone who says they could never afford a certain car, a boat, a certain house or whatever it might be? If you know anyone who uses the term “can’t” in their vocabulary, you almost certainly know a person who will never find the material items they long to have, unless they change their way of thinking.

I instruct my children that “can’t” is not just a word we want inside our vocabulary. I know that I can achieve all my dreams because I’ve a good attitude. When you have the right attitude you can too. What is the winning attitude? Instead of stating you won’t ever have something you want, you need to believe, how can it be afforded by me?

How is it possible to increase your means of making money and that means you can live at the standard of living you desire? This is easier said than done. It is much simpler to say it cannot be afforded by me. Search for ways to increase your financial intelligence. I am suggesting that you find ways to make your cash to do the job, then you are doing work for your money rather.

Success – In the reserve, the tiny Blue Engine succeeded in pulling the load of toys up the mountain. Regardless, of what your goals are you can achieve them, given you have a positive attitude. During the last few years my expectations have changed when it comes to success. A couple years back I thought that I had a need to climb the organization ladder and work for a big paycheck to be successful, not any much longer. I wish to be economically free Now.

I need to get to where my money is working for me. I really do not need to have to work for another paycheck ever again. Finally, or even more important, I wish to create generational wealth. This means I wish to teach my grandchildren and children’s steps to make their money work for them. Ok, enough of my lofty dreams. You are encouraged by me to dream big, make your cash work for you, and have the attitude that will lead you to your dreams. If you have grandchildren or children, I recommend The Little is read by you Engine That Could by Watty Piper to them.

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