A Dividend Simpleton 1

A Dividend Simpleton

Now this calls for a special event. 100k prior to the age group of 30, with 2 more years remaining to spare. 200k in cost savings and investments before my 32nd birthday. Well, some readers may ask this question, so I may as well answer it first. Well, its more like an extrapolation of my saving abilities. Year buffer for unexpected circumstances 1.

So voila, the true quantity 32 comes to my mind. 20k prior to starting to work full time. I am going to ruin the shock by saying is no magic involved there. All it takes is pure hard discipline and work. I cannot emphasize it any longer, discipline in delaying instant gratification goes a long way to achieving your targets before you even understand it.

In truth, I didn’t even realize I achieved my target until Not long ago I examined on my investments and saving accounts. I put multiple saving accounts, which makes it harder to keep track of the quantity I had saved. I am not going to disclose my income, but I must say my gross income is definitely significantly less than the median income of the employed people we see in Singapore.

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Yes, even though I have been working for 3 years, I have not experienced a remarkable increase in salary to aid in my own saving goals even. So this shows that, increasing incomes do matter, but without it even, it is still possible to accomplish it if we have the focus and perseverance, it can be attained by us. Next, people may point to my investment growth. Well, my returns are coming from my investments are almost similar to the returns we get from the STI. It is due to the fact my portfolio have been weighted heavily to the neighborhood banks and telcos. 100k level faster than anticipated.

What I am attempting to drive here’s, simply sheer perseverance and discipline will go a long way to achieve the savings goal we all have always imagined. We always see in sensational Facebook feeds of making tons of money from the stock market, and this person relaxing at the beach consequently without lifting a finger.

This is definitely a picture which these marketers would like you to believe to buy their product, whether it is their hugely expensive products or classes they want to sell to you to make that commission rate. Don’t fall for this to make someone else reach their savings goals faster!