Knifty Knitter Long Loom Series Instructions 1

Knifty Knitter Long Loom Series Instructions

Ever since I published a Hub on how to use the round knitting loom, I am getting questions from people curious about how to make things on the long looms. Last night I chose I better train myself how to use one So. And I came across the directions that come with the kit were not everything helpful.

For one thing, the booklet looks like it would be big enough, but it actually includes instructions in 4 dialects, so only about 1/4 of it is instructions about how to use the loom. So I visited the Provo website recommended by the brochure, and they have virtually nothing on using the long looms.

The long looms can be utilized for circular knitting (just like the circular loom only squished into an oval), or, you are able to do dual knitting with it, or single knitting (by only using a few of the pegs). I will post photos of my project so far. Remember, I’m like everyone else, learning as I go. If we put our heads jointly we can figure this thing away.

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One girl on youtube even displays a circular baby blanket made on the knitting loom and says anything is possible. Unfortunately she doesn’t clarify how she achieved it. So we are like a herd of turtles off. Update: The Provo site just added instructions. About time I say! The diamond pattern I mentioned previously. Continue the project, but allow knot portion dangle outside the knitted fabric.

After you are finished and the project is off the loom, carefully weave the ends into the fabric and trim off any surplus. I’m knitting a shawl and the wool’s going to run out before I can get to the length I want. You can use the long loom just like the circular loom if you just want to go around and around. Visualize the long loom as a squashed circle and you will get the idea. You treat it like a group Once, the directions for the circular loom shall do the trick. Thanks for your help. Has anyone determined steps to make the mittens shown on the P. Craft site?

I don’t get the e-loop thing. Can you upload how to do solitary knitting in long looms? I just began using the long loom to produce a shawl. Your instructions are phenomenal! I am chomping at the bit to see the pictures of how to close the scarf. Although, I’ve read the instructions over and over they do not make any sense to me. For the time being I’m starting another scarf. I’m aiming to make Christmas presents. Thanks for your help.