EZ Ways 2 Get Traffic TO YOUR SITE And SEO Tips 1

EZ Ways 2 Get Traffic TO YOUR SITE And SEO Tips

Page Rank (PR) can be an algorithm utilized by Google to compute the relative importance of a particular webpage on the internet and assign it a numeric value from 0 (least important) to 10 (most important). This value is calculated via an iterative evaluation of the backlinks to the webpage. If webpage-A links to webpage B then webpage B would get 1 “vote” towards their page rank.

Page Rank is one of the factors Google utilizes to help determine their SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS POSITIONING Positions (SERP’s). It should be noted that this algorithm is one part of their overall positioning scheme and not necessarily the most important one as much website could have you believe. The overall internet user does not have any idea about the idea of PR and cannot tell just what a particular page’s PR is unless they have the Google Toolbar installed (or uses an online page rank checker). Since PR is part of Google’s search ranking algorithm, an understanding of the concept is still important for any webmaster concerned with getting traffic to their site.

As soon as Google introduced the concept of page rank unsavory website owners developed ways to manipulate the search positions. These webmasters began creating webpages with the only real reason for increasing the number of incoming links directing to their website. Doorway Pages – orphaned webpages either on the same website or distributed throughout the internet stuffed with keywords filled with links to the offender’s site.

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Used to artificially fill the back link count number for a website. Free FOR THOSE Links Pages – a type of link farm where, as the name implies, anyone is free to post their link. Once a valuable way to spread the term about your website, abuse through car submissions has rendered these sites are and worthless now considered search engine SPAM.

Automated or Hosted-Link Exchanges – sites that provide to provide “hundreds” of back links to your site instantly. Generally you will need to install some html page on your website to show their directory and in return anyone else who has this code installed on their website will be exhibiting your link. This is an incident where “if it seems too good to be true it is”.

The search engines are wise to this technique and watches for unnatural “spikes” in the number of backlinks pointing to a website. When Google introduced the idea of page rank they published the algorithm these were going to use to calculate it. The method in its current form is known only to the engineers at Google but it is fair to say this closely resembles the following formula. While initially this formula can seem challenging, in actuality the concept isn’t that hard to comprehend.

Let’s have a minute to breakdown the formula and see what conclusions can be drawn. PR(tn) – the page rank (PR) of each page from web page t1 to tn. The “share” each webpage goes by to webpage A can be computed by dividing the Page Rank of the web page linking to the web page A by the number of outgoing links on that page. Each outgoing hyperlink on that web page would receive the same voting share from the full, total available or of the web page made up of the outgoing link.