D-BUST Your Computer – Part 3 (for Microsoft Users) 1

D-BUST Your Computer – Part 3 (for Microsoft Users)

Does it seem like your personal computer is beginning to slow down or get slow? Are you experiencing programs, shareware, executable documents, e-books, or video games that you no longer require or use? Are they taking on much-needed storage and space on your pc? Well, the good news is that it’s super easy and painless to have them off your personal computer!

The example we are going to do is for Microsoft Office (YOU MUST HAVE THE CD OR DISK TO DO THIS) which has many components, for example EXCEL, that you may not use and you could uninstall them. Beneath the TAB INSTALL/UNINSTALL you will notice a summary of software packages that are installed on your computer. DONT WORRY, YOU AREN’T TAKING ANYTHING OFF YET!

You will receive a prompt letting you know to insert the CD or Disk (You are able to put this in in advance). Insert the CD or Disk. DONT WORRY, YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANYTHING OFF YET! Now you will notice the Microsoft Office Maintenance Box shows up. Start to see the check marks under options?

  • Collecting Textual information by stumbling different sites’ article
  • RSS buttons
  • WordPress theme
  • Install Anti-Virus/Malware Software
  • The value of the webpages
  • Use strong security password in your email
  • 2 Update Google +/ My Business
  • Ensure that brand suggestions are adhered to in all interpersonal media outreach

Click on the package next to EXCEL to remove the check mark. You’ll get a Confirm Component Removal. Continue answering the prompts to complete your uninstall. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY EXCEL has been uninstalled and you could re-install it anytime you have a need for it—YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE THE CD OR DISK TO GET THIS DONE.

To re-install just follow the steps you just experienced. Now, I know what you are planning. You went through the steps BUT the planned program, e-book, game, etc. that you want to uninstall was not found in the ADD/REMOVE list. A remedy is had by me for those too! Move Pointer to an item in this list that you want to uninstall. TIP: Don’t do what so numerous others have done.

Chances will be the program it’s still on your pc HOWEVER NOW you have no way to UNINSTALL it! DO NOT uninstall an application if you DO NOT have the CD or Disk re-install UNLESS you KNOW YOU WON’T EVER want to use that program again! Deleting an icon will only remove the icon NOT the scheduled program! Month well be back with S means SAVE in D-BUST Your Computer Next. Organizer, Speaker, and Author. OverHall Consulting, and Organizing By Phone. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to replicate, copy, or deliver as long as this copyright notice and full information about contacting the author are attached.

Windows is where in fact the boot data has been copied from while H: is where the data has been copied to). Windows. If there are two partitions on your USB drive, apply the boot files to the smaller one, while if there is only a single partition you can apply the boot data there then.