Three Brilliant METHODS TO Segue Into Retirement 1

Three Brilliant METHODS TO Segue Into Retirement

A segue plan, or transition plan, will help you avoid post-career depression and other assorted woes that eventually those who neglect to arrange for their retirement. You may not know what’s next for you, nevertheless, you can ensure that you arranged yourself up for a painless transition. Here are three examples of how other boomers planned their transition from their career to retirement.

Dreaming of nobody to answer to? Craving some serious down time before you find out what’s next for you? Beware. A segue is necessary by you intend. And no, it’s not endless days of open-ended nothingness. It’s an idea that goes 180 degrees away from your career, doing something that really gets your juices going.

It will take you successfully from your last day of work through some pre-determined time frame, so you can avoid post-career melancholy and other assorted woes that eventually those who neglect to plan an excellent segue. You might not know what’s next for you, nevertheless, you can ensure that you established yourself up for a pain-free transition.

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1. Plan a year-long adventure. And, in case you think this was all a slam dunk for Don, you need to know that before this experience he was terrified of the water. Not only did he overcome his dread, and reach his goal, but Don effectively decompressed from his high-powered career and was recharged and prepared to create the life he’s enjoying today. 2. Get yourself a degree in a topic that fascinates you. When Jean Shula remains her profession as an effective therapist at 62, she, too, was ready for an adventure.

She’s curious about the world, loves meeting folks of all age groups and exploring new civilizations, and has already established a lifelong love of learning. 3. Shift down in your work, as you gear up for the next thing. Claire LeSage is retiring the end of 2008 and has generated (and has already was living) her segue plan. Of the entire year At the start, she determined that she would manage her life, and her future.

So, she started to discover – through training – what might be next for her. Through the year Now halfway, Claire’s website is approximately to be launched, logos, business credit cards, and brochures are imprinted, and her home office is coming together. Recently she started working 4 days a week at her job, a week on her home-based business and three days. She’s begun networking, joined BNI (Business Networking International), and it is negotiating offering her services through the company she’s doing work for.